Tips for Beginners learning Adobe Photoshop

Tips for Beginners learning Adobe Photoshop: Going Deeper – This article was first published at on November 26, 2020. Read the entire article here.

Tips and Topics covered in this article

  • Zoom In and Out Plus Pan Around (because this is fun and you can see the details very well!)
  • Undo or Redo a Command (because you will do this a lot!)
  • Working with Layers and the History Palette (because this is really the secret of success with Adobe Photoshop)
  • Click and drag on a layer to change the order of it in the stack (because you may do this often)
  • Change Layer Name, Opacity, or Delete (because you need lots of options)
  • Background Layer (don’t work on the background layer…except when…there are always exceptions!)
  • Things to Remember (because this article wouldn’t be complete with reminders!)

Don’t be afraid of the power in this program. You’ll amaze yourself at how much you can do in a short time by learning these tips and tricks as you are learning Adobe Photoshop.

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