Why you should try this memorable vacation rental in Etna, California

Historic Collier Hotel is a former rooming house in Etna, California

The Collier Hotel is a former rooming house. Learn more about the property and find out why you should stay here when you are in Etna, California. This Guest Post, “Historic Collier Hotel: An Etna, CA Vacation Rental”, first published at TravelByVacationRental on July 29, 2021. Travelers love to experience destinations more through the lens […]

A challenging set of rapids along the Sandy River tests the brave

rapids in the Sandy River in spring

The Sandy River in northern Oregon is a river for all seasons. Learn about it from the article, “https://phototravelwrite.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Sandy-River_-A-River-for-All-Seasons-Travel-Post-Monthly.pdfSandy River: A River for All Seasons”, published January 31, 2021 in Travel Post Monthly. View a kayaker navigating the rapids on the Sandy River. If you’re looking for great places to eat near the Sandy River, […]

How I created the perfect spa day experience

Glen Ivy Hot Springs Club Mud signs

Read this Guest Post to learn how I created the perfect spa day at Glen Ivy Hot Springs before COVID-19. Original post appeared at Travel Post Monthly March 10, 2020 – How to Create the Perfect Spa Day See how I’m taking care of myself in retirement…self-care is the name of the game now.

How I’m healthy in retirement – I’m doing it

julie demonstrates free weights snap fitness

This Guest Post originally published on TravelAwaits.com on January 1, 2022 Learn how I’m creating a healthy lifestyle in retirement. Reconnecting with old friends as you near retirement is a rewarding experience. See how I did it with school chums.

Favorite Experiences at Presidential Libraries

Nixon Library and Museum fountain

This Guest Post was first published at TravelAwaits.com February 21, 2022 Learn about my experience at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum at TravelAwaits featured during President’s Day. See some more Travel Bites by JDP here.

Taurus Authentic Adventures in Arizona–A Road Trip Horoscope


April 20 through May 20 Always reliable, Tauruses are known for having strength and stability. According to Discover Flagstaff’s Nostalgic Road Trip Horoscope, Taurus loves getting outside, they like keeping grounded and enjoy camping in the Ponderosa Pine Forest. Ponderosa Pines Did you know that Flagstaff sits at 7,000 feet above sea level and is […]

Learn how you can experience space flight at Spaceport America

Spaceport America Genesis sculpture at the entrance

Read about space flight experiences on the tour review at Spaceport America Learn about the “11 Fantastic Experiences At America’s First Spaceport” where this article first appeared on TravelAwaits, June 19, 2021. See other Las Cruces photos on our Travel page.

The Centennial Light in the Guinness Book of World Records

The Centennial Light at Fire Station No. 6

The Centennial Light, housed in a fire station, is the longest burning light bulb on the planet and in history. It’s been burning for 120 years as of June 2021. I first learned about the Centennial Light on a media trip to the Tri-Valley area. With so many great things to do in the region, this little […]

Why You Should Try These 8 Great Livermore Restaurants

Posada Livermore California salad

“8 Best Livermore Restaurants | Must-Try Restaurants in Livermore CA” This article first appeared at FoodieFlashpacker in February 2022. In this Guest Post, I discussed 8 great restaurants to try when you are in Livermore. “Livermore is California’s oldest wine-growing region, and most of the wineries have been family-owned for generations. Livermore became a popular […]