Mighty fine beds remind me it is National Make Your Bed Day

Mighty fine beds at the Brewery Gulch Inn Mendocino, California

This national holiday (National Make Your Bed Day) [September 11, 2021] reminds me of the mighty fine beds I’ve slept in this year as a travel writer. As I research and experience destinations to write about, I want to give a shout-out to the properties that made my trips memorable. Thanks for your hospitality and […]

Pier 39 Must-Try Restaurants in San Francisco

Pier 39 Crêpe Café chocolate drizzle banana slices

Click to read this guest post at Foodie Flashpacker. First published September 8, 2021–9 Must-Try Pier 39 Restaurants | Best Pier 39 Restaurants San Francisco, California   Learn more about Julie here.

Amazing murals found in Oceanside

The When Noodle Mural

Oceanside Murals – First seen on Weekend Notes, March 21, 2021 – How to find amazing public art in Oceanside, California #VisitOceanside makes it ultra-easy to hunt the amazing murals throughout downtown Oceanside and South O. I call it a scavenger hunt but it is more aptly named art hunt. Try it when you get […]

How do I know what photo gear essentials to buy?

Photo gear essentials lens hood on Canon camera

Photo Gear Essentials was first published on January 25, 2021, at TakeLessons.com/Blog. Learn about the essential photo gear to buy and when. Photo Gear Essentials – Recommendations Here is the link to My Recommendations for Photo Gear Essentials. I am always available to answer your questions. Schedule a call with this link.

Beginner’s Guide to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Beginner guide to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Beginner Adobe Lightroom users will find this article, published on the TakeLessons.com blog where I am a regular contributor, useful when getting started. Read more below… Online Photography Courses Online photography courses, like those I teach at TakeLessons.com, will help you reach your goals much faster than watching YouTube videos. The ability to ask questions […]

Tips for Beginners learning Adobe Photoshop

Tips - A Beginner's Guide to Adobe Photoshop: Going Deeper

Tips for Beginners learning Adobe Photoshop: Going Deeper – This article was first published at TakeLessons.com/blog on November 26, 2020. Read the entire article here. Tips and Topics covered in this article Zoom In and Out Plus Pan Around (because this is fun and you can see the details very well!) Undo or Redo a […]

Postmaster of Bayboro, North Carolina


Judith A. Walsh was the Postmaster of the Bayboro, North Carolina, Post Office from April 2000 until October 2017. Bayboro is the county seat for Pamlico County. Originally from Bayshore, Long Island, New York, Judy moved with her family to Arlington, Virginia, when she was seven years old. She attended Catholic grammar school and public […]

Travel Writer Achieves Local Guide – Level 5


As a travel writer and pro photographer, I enjoy sharing my experience. I like to help other people with the Google Maps Local Guide Program. As a Local Guide, I earn points by contributing content to Google Maps. That means that I rate places and describe my experiences with reviews. As a pro photographer, I […]