Photography services at Photo Travel Write include business portraits and headshots, industrial photography, artwork, product, stock, travel, and photography classes. All work is performed by Julie Diebolt Price of JDP Photography.

We provide these solutions when:

  • Clients can’t find the right picture at online stock agencies to tell their unique story
  • Business owners need images that are exclusive to their business
  • Painters need copies of their artwork to submit for juried shows
  • Artists want to produce a high-end coffee table book and need high-resolution photographs
  • Corporations and small businesses need high-quality photography for their business presence online and in print
  • Authors must have high-quality photos for their book jackets
  • Webmasters are building an online store and need Amazon-ready product photos
  • Editors and publications are seeking articles, photographs, and content for their online and printed media

Industrial Photography

Industrial companies use photographs of their operations, products, machinery, equipment, and staff performing work. The images appear on websites and printed materials like brochures, advertisements, magazines, and social media posts.

We capture the manufacturing process and the jobs workers perform. Jobs like people making, building, or repairing things – action shots that tell the story of the work being done.


Portrait Photography

Corporate, small business portraits, and headshots

A business portrait is a professionally-photographed image that is polished with a conscious decision about all aspects of the subject’s appearance. For example, lighting, composition, clothing, hair, makeup, jewelry, background, and even expression are designed to make the subject stand out. It helps the viewer accept you as their choice.

Business portraits take branding and marketing into consideration based on the industry. Visual representations of your reputation and competence tell your story in a well-done business portrait.

A headshot is a head and shoulders portrait. The focus is on the subject’s face. Typically, headshots are used in the entertainment and modeling industry. However, also used today for social media and dating websites, headshots are a professional profile image on a corporate website.


Otherwise known as copy work or copy stand photography, the goal is to reproduce two-dimensional images as close to the original as possible. Originals are other photographs, paintings, drawings, or prints. The key is to minimize distortion and keep true to the original in appearance.

Artwork photography produces photos of three-dimensional artworks for insurance purposes, for juried art show submissions, or to create coffee table books.


Product photography is technically-specific and is designed to display products so that a buyer can see all the features. Product photos are used extensively online (think Amazon) on company websites. Offline uses include advertising in brochures, billboards, magazine ads, and catalogs.

I specialize in photographing small products on a white background in the studio. I work on location to photograph buildings and the work going on inside. All images produced are per client request and specifications.


Stock Photography

photography - Hawthorne Bridge from the Eastside Promenade in Portland Oregon
Hawthorne Bridge from Eastside Promenade in Portland, Oregon

Millions of photographs are used each day. Stop and think about it. Almost everything we see on our mobile devices, the Internet, television, movies, and books contain photographs because images are ubiquitous. There is a high demand for new photos every single day. Not just in America but all around the world.

Are you looking for ideas for photography? Use the links below to visit the agencies where you can purchase my images.

Adobe Stock





photography - Amtrak train and conductor with stopwatch

Conductor waiting to call, “All Aboard!”

Travel photography documents an area’s people, cultures, customs, history, and landscape. I write stories to go along with my travel photography. So, don’t miss the Guest Posts and articles at Write.

Photography Classes

I teach Photography and How to Start a Business online at TakeLessons. My teaching career at Santiago Canyon College/Community Services in Orange County, California, spanned 15 years. Because I’ve taught since the early days of digital picture-making, I am proud of my consistent 5-star reviews. So, learn more about my classes here.