Postmaster of Bayboro, North Carolina

Judith A. Walsh was the Postmaster of the Bayboro, North Carolina, Post Office from April 2000 until October 2017. Bayboro is the county seat for Pamlico County.

Originally from Bayshore, Long Island, New York, Judy moved with her family to Arlington, Virginia, when she was seven years old. She attended Catholic grammar school and public high school and has fond memories of a happy childhood.

College years

In 1974 she began four years of a college education at East Carolina University in Greenville, where she majored in Sociology with a minor in Anthropology. Anthropology was her love, but at that time, it wasn’t offered as a major.

After college graduation in 1978, Judy began her working career at Vermont American Tools, a company that manufactured drill bits and other hardware for craftsmen. She held the timekeeper position, as well as ordered raw steel from the steel mills in Pennsylvania during her eight years there.

Judy began her postal career in 1987 in Greenville, North Carolina. Starting as a clerk, she relished the challenge of learning each of the streets for all of the routes. There were 26 city and 26 rural routes. All the mail was sorted by hand into cubbyholes for delivery, and she enjoyed the 3 am to 11:30 am shift.

As Judy progressed to a city carrier assignment, she loved carrying mail most of all. She was out on the routes all day and enjoyed interacting with people.

Supervisor positions

Her desire to move into management brought Judy into the part-time supervisor position while still in Greenville. Continued career success took her to Asheville, North Carolina, for a two-year stint as the Supervisor of Customer Services, where she enjoyed the diversity and eclectic atmosphere.

Coming full circle in her postal career, in 2000, Judy applied for the Postmaster position in Bayboro. She wanted to be closer to her friends, which meant east of Raleigh and in Eastern North Carolina. Judy was awarded the job in short order and finished her career as the Postmaster when she retired in 2017.

Reflections on her career

Reflecting on her career, she liked problem-solving in her daily activities. It was non-stop. But, she felt challenged and productive when she came up with creative solutions.

Since her retirement in 2017, Judy has had time to reflect and redefine herself. She’s learning new things and savors the positive growth.

Judy owns a lovely home in Bayboro, where she lives with her three rescue cats that she calls her “fur babies.” She is grateful for the many wonderful people she’s met and is glad to call so many of them friends!

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