Old-fashioned Letters Celebrate World Post Day Oct. 9

Old-fashioned letters are celebrated today for World Post Day.

Old-fashioned letter - an envelope addressed to Santa

When was the last time you wrote and posted a letter? A letter actually written by hand, folded and placed in an envelope, licked the glue on the flap, sealed it with pressure from your hands, then licked a stamp and stuck it on–self-adhesive counts here. I did just that recently. That’s because the friend to whom I wrote doesn’t use social media. Seriously!

No Spell Check in Old-Fashioned Letters

When I sat down to write with my purple ink pen, it was a strange feeling. After my hand regained the memory of writing one word after another, it was quite enjoyable. I did make some mistakes in spelling so I just scribbled over the boo-boos and hoped that the friend would understand. No auto spellcheck in this old-fashioned letter.

No Instant Gratification for Old-Fashioned Letters

Old-fashioned letters take some time to reach their addressee. No instant gratification here. So, I am wondering just when the friend will receive my two-page old-fashioned letter. I could have sent it overnight and would know with almost certainty the exact time of delivery–for a fee, of course. But then, that would take the mystery out of the process, as well as the anticipation.

Still Waiting

Alas, I’m still waiting to hear that the old-fashioned letter about delivery as I “pen” this post.

“World Post Day is October 9 and we’re pumped for a throwback to communication methods of the past with some good old-fashioned letters. Mail carrier services have been in existence since ancient times, and even though we can communicate almost anything (literally) at the touch of a button, there’s no denying the importance of our local postal services…or the excitement of receiving a package in the mail! World Post Day marks the anniversary of the establishment of the Universal Postal Union, and it’s from this humble wellspring that the global communications revolution started and continues to this day.” National Today

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