Dictionary Celebration on National Dictionary Day – October 16, 2021

Dictionary is a necessary tool for all writers and speakers. I am fond of the English language (it’s the only one I speak, read, and write with any skill) and we celebrate Noah Webster for his contribution to our language. Webster’s tome was probably the first one I used in school or at home. Do you remember your first dictionary?

Dictionary American dictionaries

My mother-in-law, an expert, and avid crossword puzzle worker used her gigantic dictionary every day. Dog-eared with unique curved pages that only she understood, made me want to do crossword puzzles.

Do you have a hardbound dictionary on a bookshelf in your home? Or, do you use the electronic version? I just donated my old, incredibly long list of words bound in a hardcover. We moved away from our Southern California home. Hence, forced decluttering occurred. Including this old, outdated tool. It didn’t come off the shelf in years…dust accumulated over almost 20 years covered it (I’m ashamed to say; please don’t tell my mother.)

“Dictionary Day on October 16 celebrates the birth of Noah Webster, an American writer, born in 1758. Webster is best-known for publishing the first dictionary in 1806, which he continued to compile and expand for the next 27 years. When his dictionary was published in 1828, it was a formidable resource packed with useful words and spelling updates. Webster was a true pioneer for creating the reference book we use so ubiquitously, so we’re celebrating him today!” National Today

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