National Name Your Car Day–Mine’s Sassy – October 2, 2021

National Name Your Car Day is Saturday, October 2, 2021, and here’s what it means to me:

“Name your little red corvette, “Swifty,” and see what happens. National Name Your Car Day every year on October 2, pays homage to those of us who love our rides so much — we name them!

Although it sounds crazy, studies reveal that when we name inanimate objects, like our cars, we assign almost human-like attributes that make us feel more in control.  National Name Your Car Day is yet another demonstration of that love thang we Americans have with our rides. So, today, jump in “Birdie” and take off!” National Today

Red car with JDP Foto license plate parked at Blackrock Campground in Joshua Tree National Park

Sassy for National Name Your Car Day

My vehicle is named Sassy because she is a sassy red color and glows with pride when washed and maintained. She’s got a lot of spunk and speed. I feel very powerful behind the wheel and take on that sassy persona. Guess that proves when we name inanimate objects, like our vehicles, it makes us feel more in control.

In this photo, Sassy was parked under Joshua trees in Black Rock Campground at Joshua Tree National Park–my favorite place on earth. I love to camp at Black Rock Campground because it’s close to civilization (think Wi-Fi access), it’s the closest campground from the direction I enter the Morongo Valley, and it has the most Joshua trees in the entire park.

Hiking Trails

With so many hiking trails in this section of the park, you can spend an enjoyable day or weekend out in nature. See more of my photos from Joshua Tree here.

Great Places to Stay and Eat

If you are looking for other great places to stay near the park, read my article about it here. If you are looking for some great places to eat near the park, read this article here. Of course, inside the park, you have to bring your own food and possibly cook over a campfire. What better way to watch the stars with s’mores over a campfire?!