Uncovering a Rustic Gem: An Unusual Place to Stay in Benson, North Carolina

Rustic gem Baccer Barn side porch at Broadslab Distillery

When it comes to planning a vacation or retreat, most people tend to opt for the usual hotel or resort experience. However, whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway for two or a cozy solo retreat like me, the Baccer Barn in Benson, North Carolina, promises a unique experience and an unusual place to stay. You’ll […]

Why we are celebrating Ava Gardner in Smithfield, NC

Celebrating Ava Gardner at the Ava Gardner Museum mural

Celebrating Ava Garner ends in October 2023 – The Final “Toast to Ava” Centennial Event. Smithfield, North Carolina, hosted a year-long Centennial celebration in honor of the legendary actress, humanitarian, and fashion icon Ava Gardner. Ava was a beloved North Carolina native who grew up just seven miles east of Smithfield in a rural community […]

Why Redneck BBQ Lab in Benson, North Carolina, is the best

The Redneck BBQ Lab storefront in Benson, North Carolina

The Redneck BBQ Lab in Benson, North Carolina, offers the best BBQ. The Carolinas are famous for BBQ. You’re missing out if you haven’t given it a try yet. Learn more about it in my restaurant review published at Savory Traveler on July 28, 2023. Here’s another article you might like about Benson, North Carolina…

Learn why Belton Chalet was Good for the Great Northern Railway

Belton Chalet and lodge in West Glacier, Montana

Known for its modern hospitality when it opened in 1910, the Belton Chalet is a charming destination in the breathtaking Montana landscape. It was the first chalet built in Glacier National Park and was the first Park headquarters. Learn more here… This article was first published at SheBuysTravel.com on July 14, 2023 Here’s a story about […]

Looking for a great experience at the Prince of Wales Hotel?

Prince of Wales Hotel on Upper Waterton Lake, in Alberta, Canada.

Built as a luxury destination by the Great Northern Railway in 1927 to lure thirsty Americans during Prohibition, the Prince of Wales Hotel is surrounded by Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, Canada. Learn more here… This article was first published at SheBuysTravel.com on July 6, 2023 Here’s another article that has historic significance.

Glacier Park Lodge was a Showpiece in East Glacier, Montana

Glacier Park Lodge in East Glacier, Montana

Glacier Park Lodge was the Showpiece for the Great Northern Railway Check out why Glacier Park Lodge was the Showpiece for the Great Northern Railway This article was originally published at SheBuysTravel.com on July 7, 2023 Here’s another historic story you might like…

Why Historic Tapoco Lodge Is Good For All Seasons

Historic Tapoco Lodge Resort along Ronnie Milsap Highway and the Cheoah River

First published at SheBuysTravel.com, 6/13/2023 Find out why Historic Tapoco Lodge is good for all seasons…I went in the spring of 2023, just when the trees were budding. “The Historic Tapoco Lodge Resort, a jewel on the banks of the Cheoah River in the quaint town of Robbinsville, offers a unique blend of natural beauty, […]

Tocca Ferro Means “Touch Iron” in Italian for Good Luck


“Tocca Ferro is Italian for “touch iron.” In literal terms, to bring good luck. For English speakers, to avoid tempting fate, we touch wood or knock on wood. Often, people knock on wood furniture when making a prediction or boasting. Best Wishes And Good Luck” The Guest Post was published at WeekendNotes.com on May 25, […]

Why Pt. Arena Lighthouse is a Unique Weekend Getaway


Find out why Point Arena and the historic lighthouse is a perfect and unique weekend getaway on the Northern California coast. This Guest Post article was first published at TravelAwaits on May 24, 2023. If you are looking for other lighthouse adventures, here’s another article.

Uncovering the rich history of moonshine in Benson, North Carolina

History of moonshine still in the woods at Broadslab

The history of moonshine took me to Johnston County, North Carolina, in the spring of 2023. Here’s what I learned. In the history of moonshine, it’s only truly a spirits that are made illicitly. Moonshine is an unaged spirits made from corn, otherwise known as corn whiskey. Today, many distilleries in North Carolina produce moonshine […]