Flex Vega perfect on Solo Trip to New York

Flex Vega Carry-On Suitcase by Rollink | Product Review

Flex Vega carry-on suitcase rolling into the courtyard

When asked to review the Flex Vega Carry-On Suitcase by Rollink, I found it timely because I was planning a solo trip to New York that would be a great test of the luggage.

Rollink sponsors this product review, but all opinions are my own.

Solo Trip to New York

On my solo trip to New York City in January, the Flex Vega fulfilled my need to travel without checking a bag. I quickly traveled around the airports and navigated transportation throughout the trip.

The Flex Vega proved to be durable with its sturdy polycarbonate hard shell. I am glad the shell is water-resistant because we had rain and snow on this 4 day trip to New York.


The Flex Vega comes with a three-year warranty and a 30-day trial period.

The carry-on suitcase is easy to set up. The instruction card with diagrams makes for easy assembly.

The short pocket on the side is perfect for a collapsible umbrella.

The top folds out on the Flex Vega, giving you complete access to the interior.

There is no wasted space.

The Flex Vega is very roomy. It lends itself particularly well to packing cubes. I travel with a tripod, which easily fits into the Flex Vega.

Collapsibility for Storage

When I fold up the Flex Vega, it fits many tight places for storage. While mine didn’t fold up to only 2” thick, I like that you can hang it from a hangar or slide it under a bed with room to spare.

Rollink provides a good selection of color choices. The color I chose goes with the other luggage that I own. And the case is easy to distinguish between many other travel bags.

The outside strap (included with the suitcase) keeps the case closed when stored.

It’s stable when turning.

When you position the zipper at the top by the handle, it’s easy to access items that you place near the top. You don’t have to unzip the entire bag to access frequently used items.

The hard shell resists scuffs and marks. It looks brand new on my New York tour package after a round trip.

You can be mindful of where you place your packed items. I put my heavier items on the bottom or side. Remember to store in the plane’s overhead bin with the heavy items at the bottom.


The telescoping handle kept collapsing during use.

It will only fit in the overhead bin (as designed), not under the seat in front of me. I like to put my feet on my travel bag because my feet don’t reach the floor (I’m short).

If there is no room left in the overhead bins, I won’t trust the carry-on to be manhandled into the checked baggage at the gate. I don’t want it stacked under any other luggage. It is not designed to withstand much pressure from heavy items placed on top.

The corners of the collapsible section are unprotected. The hard shell will provide stability, but an accident could cause damage to fragile packed items.

Final Thoughts

You should add Rollink Flex Vega to your travel gear because the hard shell makes it easy to slide in the overhead bin on planes, is stylish, and the luggage collapses for storage. It was perfect for my solo trip to New York.

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