Book | Zen of Post-Production: Stress-Free Photography Workflow and Editing 1st Edition

Zen of Post-Production encourages you to breathe deep and relax – this book takes the stress out of photography post-production.

While capturing the perfect photograph is a welcome creative challenge for photographers, post-production can often be a headache. Downloading, sorting, tagging, editing, and distributing your digital images – especially the enormous quantities produced in today’s image-happy world – can be overwhelming. Time to take a deep breath and sit down with a copy of this calming book. Digital workflow teacher and author Mark Fitzgerald offers low-stress, post-production photography workflows and editing solutions that will make your life easier.

Walking you through the latest photography software, especially Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop, Mark offers sensible advice and answers all your post-production questions, whether you’re a professional photographer, serious amateur, or motivated novice.