Sonoran Desert Animals Coloring Book

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When I moved to a Phoenix suburb in the Valley of the Sun, I was thrilled to witness an abundance of wildlife right in my own backyard–the Sonoran Desert. I have collected some fascinating creatures from this region for this coloring book. The Sonoran Desert is a vast area in the southwestern United States and […]

7 Continents + Big Cities Coloring Book

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Embark on a Journey of a Lifetime with 7 Continents and Big Cities Coloring Book Exploring the World and Its Cultures As a writer and photographer, I’m fueled by a passion for adventure and storytelling. The prospect of exploring new realms and cultures across the planet is an irresistible force. Each journey presents a chance […]

Itinerary | Door County, WI 5-Day Itinerary

Things to do in Door County - Cana Island Lighthouse, recently restored, framed under fir tree.

Itinerary – Door County Use this link to purchase and download the Door County, Wisconsin 5-Day Itinerary. Benefits Discover Door County by car, trolley, Segway, or ferry while exploring 300 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline, visiting five state parks and 11 historic lighthouses! Learn about great tours, scenic beauty, fine and casual dining, historic destinations, […]

Recipes | Night Photography Recipes

Night photography recipes - Star Trails Overlooking Yucca Valley in Black Rock Campground

Night Sky Photography Recipes Use this link to purchase and download recipes for How To Photography the Milky Way, How To Create Star Trails, and How To Photograph the Aurora Borealis. How to Photograph the Night Sky All the important information for you know how to photograph the night sky in one place! Clear and […]

Apps | MiloTree Cart

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I’m using MiloTree Cart to create and launch digital products, workshops, online coaching, and other services. Use this referral link to grow your business with ease.

Apps | MiloTree Pop-Up

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I’m using MiloTree to grow my email subscribers and social media followers on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Facebook. Use this referral link to grow yours too.

Book | Travel Writing 101

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Travel Writing 101: Everything You Need To Know To Start The Best Job In The World: 30+ ‘how to’ lessons from professional travel writers and editors (Travel Write Earn)