Three Misconceptions About Travel

When considering traveling around the US or abroad, many believe it’s very expensive, and only rich people can do it.

This is only one of the most common misconceptions when it comes to traveling.

But believe me, as a person who works in the field, there are many more! This is the kind of belief that makes traveling impossible for so many people, who in fact, would love to travel and see the world.
Here are three common misconceptions about travel.

# 1 Misconception – Traveling is Very Expensive, and Not Anyone Can Afford It

Yes, traveling can be pretty expensive if you book a five stars hotel, dine out every day, and all that. But traveling isn’t about spending all your year’s savings in a few days with caviar and Mumm’s champagne.
There are so many alternatives to expensive travel, from low-cost flights, special travel offers, cheap accommodation (Airbnb), or even free hosting like Couchsurfing, free tour guides, WWOOF (Willing Workers on Organic Farms), WORKAWAY, and many other alternatives that will help you spend less and travel more. Personally, I have used Airbnb for lodging more than once and have been very satisfied.

Isn’t this the whole idea around travel? To see more of the world? Myth busted!

# 2 Misconception – Traveling isn’t Safe, Especially when Traveling Alone

Yes, many of us have seen the movie Taken, and it kind of invites us to stay at home, where at least we’re safe. And this applies if you’re traveling alone or if you’re a woman in particular.
But it’s a long road from being nervous and labeling traveling alone as unsafe. In fact, contrary to general opinion, if you follow a set of “rules,” you should be relatively safe and sound.
It’s important to keep your valuables hidden, avoid unpopulated areas at night, make friends with your hostel/hotel staff, stay alert, and look confident.
These simple guidelines will definitely make traveling safer for everyone!

# 3 Misconception – I Don’t Have Enough Time to Travel

Traveling is about seeing other parts of the world besides those you are already familiar with. It’s not about moving somewhere else and spending months there.
So, for those who believe they don’t have time to travel, let me tell you, this is purely a misconception. Travel isn’t just about going very far from home for a very long period of time.
It can be a short road trip over the weekend to a nearby city or Wild Park, a mini-vacation that you can definitely afford and have the time to enjoy without extensive drive time. You can even consider a stay-cation in your home town. See it like a visitor, and you may be surprised at how much you learn and enjoy.
On my recent stay-cation, I discovered a macro world in my own backyard.