Texas State Highway 165

Texas State Highway 165On a recent visit to Austin, we drove along the shortest main state highway, Texas State Highway 165. It is only 0.51 miles long and is partially locked at night. It isn’t connected to any other Texas highway system roads and has a posted 10 miles per hour speed limit.

This historic road, running through the Texas State Cemetery, was established in 1932. It is just a few blocks east of the State Capitol and is the final resting place of legendary Texans who have made the state what it is today. The cemetery was established in 1851 and serves as a tribute to the many people who have made the state famous throughout the world.

The most interesting feature of this cemetery (in my opinion) is that Antonio Briones, a Union veteran in the Civil War, is buried on a hill away from the entire population…it was not a good thing to be a Union soldier in Texas during the Civil War.