Business Starters

Topics presented in classes or private tutoring

  • Structure
  • Name of the Company
  • Plan – parts and creation
  • Licenses, Permits, Taxes
  • Accounting and Operations

Initial decisions have tremendous impact on the future of your business and personal life.

We help you decide the best course of action. Sometimes, you need someone with whom to share ideas to see if they make sense. Julie will tell you what is needed to start and encourage you to take those first steps.

Julie Diebolt Price is a serial entrepreneur who guides people on how to start their enterprise in five easy steps. Having established many forms of company structures, she uses her 30+ years’ experience in photography, transportation, hospitality, engineering, the legal field, and arts management to help small business owners and solo entrepreneurs set the foundation for their startup.

After learning that 46% of all business owners have no business education, and 23% of them fail in the first year, Julie designed a program to teach the essentials for success. She left the corporate world to run her photography business and is a popular educator, speaker, and writer.

Our Motto

When you are driving a business, you should know every facet of it since no one will love it like you do.


We provide many checklists in the study materials for things to accomplish during the setup process. Live links to county, state, federal resources are included. While the links may change from state to state, the concepts are still the same and can be adapted to your location.

You can schedule classes with Julie at to get started learning how to start a business from scratch.

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Business Starters was designed to help students in the class, “How to Start A Business in 5 Easy Steps” achieve their goals. Join as a Starter and become a Finisher with a forum for discussion, encouragement, masterminding, and mentoring.