The Centennial Light in the Guinness Book of World Records

The Centennial Light at Fire Station No. 6

The Centennial Light, housed in a fire station, is the longest burning light bulb on the planet and in history. It’s been burning for 120 years as of June 2021. I first learned about the Centennial Light on a media trip to the Tri-Valley area. With so many great things to do in the region, this little […]

Why You Should Try These 8 Great Livermore Restaurants

Posada Livermore California salad

“8 Best Livermore Restaurants | Must-Try Restaurants in Livermore CA” This article first appeared at FoodieFlashpacker in February 2022. In this Guest Post, I discussed 8 great restaurants to try when you are in Livermore. “Livermore is California’s oldest wine-growing region, and most of the wineries have been family-owned for generations. Livermore became a popular […]